e-Commerce websites development

With Moka Adv you can create your e-commerce site and expand your sales channels, promote your products on the web and express your full potential. The percentage of online purchases grows more each year. Having an e-commerce can help you increase your sales chances.
If you are unfamiliar with digital instruments, don’t worry. Our e-commerce sites are suitable for every need and easy to use, like putting sugar in a coffee.

The characteristics of an e-commerce designed by Moka Adv

We pay attention to every detail for the realisation of your e-commerce, from the advanced contact forms to the most used payment systems, from the choice of the keywords for the description of the products to the SEO optimisation of the site. Having a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) optimised e-commerce platform is essential if you want that every single product is indexed and positioned within the SERP of search engines.

To increase your sales, we also handle the contents’ translation into different languages. Territorial boundaries are no longer a problem for the online sales!

If you don’t succeed in selling and you need the right boost to appear on search engines, we can also handle your customised Google Ads campaigns.

Web Developers

The person in charge of web development and implementation, he writes the code and carries out e-commerce customisations based on your needs.

SEO Specialists

He optimises the architecture of the e-commerce site, from the product catalogue to the other content elements, to improve indexing on search engines.

Graphic Designers

He is in charge of designing and creating digital images to give a graphic look and make the e-commerce site appealing, taking into account the UX design.

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