The project aims at equipping VET institutions with an enterprise coaching methodology and interactive learning system that enables their students to enter the business world fully equipped with the business and English skills to become successfully self-employed. By supporting the creation of an incubation programme in VET, students can become active economic players of the region – thus supporting the local development.

what we did


Development of a customised logo with a simple and catchy design, in suitable formats for social media and website.


SEO positioning and SEM promotion activities to get the website to the top of the searching engines.

Social media

Setup and launch of the social pages (FB, LinkedIn, YouTube, IG and G+) to improve the brand awareness, brand reputation and brand loyalty.

Press release

Editing and publishing of press releases in different languages.


Realisation of a professional brochure to promote its main activities.

DEM (direct e-mail marketing)

Direct E-Mail campaign development, management and monitoring.

Video Marketing

Realisation of motion graphics video to spread the message and goals of the project.