Website Development

Espresso, Americano, Shaken Coffee, Macchiato. We design websites for all the tastes. Our websites have a captivating flavour and can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The strong colour and the robust aroma make them special if compared with the common blends.

The websites most requested by our customers

Static showcase website

It is the business card of your business, which enables users to easily find the most important information of your company, such as telephone number, email, address and services and / or products offered.

It is an excellent tool to communicate the company history, catching the users’ attention through the technique of storytelling and emotional involvement.

Dynamic showcase website

This website has the same features of a static showcase website, but it also contains a news section, a blog, articles or events that are frequently updated. This allows us to offer new content and increase visits.

e-Commerce website

It is your 24h online store. It is a platform that allows you to view the products and buy them in total autonomy. You can reach your potential customers by breaking down the geographical limits. In addition, compared to the physical store, with the e-commerce it is possible to gather useful information on the users who visit the pages, such as their needs, the products placed in the cart, their origin and the time spent on the website.

Multilingual website

For those companies wishing to strengthen their identity abroad, a multilingual website allows them to reach the users in a specific language without using automatic translators, which are often counterproductive. A multi-language website is the right tool to give something extra to your business.

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