Progressive Web App Development

Think about the perfect combination between the best features of a native mobile app and the latest web technologies, then shake them, the result will be your progressive web app. Apart from creating innovative and performing mobile apps, Moka Adv now develops progressive web apps merging the workability of a mobile experience with the current web technologies.

The main benefits for a business which uses PWA are the possibility to increase the Client base giving a strong boost to its online presence.

PWA main advantages:

Indexable: contrary to the native apps, PWA are identified by search engines as they come up in the search results. This makes them easier to find.

No download: you don’t need to download these apps from the app store.

Home screen: like the native apps, the PWA can be added to the home screen so as to be easily findable and accessible.

Push Notifications: offers, newsletters, reminders make re-engagement easier.

Offline: they can be used without Internet connection.

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