Progressive Web App Development

App development and maintenance is complex and expensive. Moreover, unsolved weaknesses still persist, such as the impossibility of being indexed on search engines. In addition to the development of innovative and high-performance apps, Moka Adv is specialised in the creation of PWA, that is Progressive Web App, the innovative technological solution that overcomes the limits of common apps. In fact, progressive web apps are web applications that are developed and loaded like normal web pages, but behave similarly to native applications when used on a mobile device.

Why choosing Moka Adv progressive web apps (PWA)?

They are indexable: the progressive web apps are indexed on search engines, such as websites, considerably increasing their visibility compared to normal apps;

No more downloads: no download from app stores is required. PWAs are performed through a universal tool: the navigation browser;

Home screen: like native applications, also the progressive web apps can be added to the home screen of the devices to facilitate the access to them;

Push notifications: progressive web apps allow you to receive push notifications, such as offers, reminders, newsletters, allowing you to stay up to date;

Offline: progressive web apps can be used offline, like native apps. With the caching system you can store part or all of the contents.

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