Video marketing

Every day we communicate through words, images and gestures, but are we doing it effectively? Communicating effectively means enhancing your corporate image in the right way, thanks to the persuasive power of the images and a convincing storytelling.
What is your story? Tell us and the web agency Moka Adv will be happy to tell your story to the target audience through videos that will leave their mark. 

video marketing
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Focus on video marketing

Did you know that focusing on video marketing could improve your turnover up to 50%? Few things are needed, but they are not easy to find: a good idea, a creative copywriter and a talented video maker We have them all at your disposal! Come and visit us and taste the distinctive aroma of Moka Adv.

Have you ever heard about motion graphics?

With motion graphics it is possible to create videos without shooting and with a powerful communicative effectiveness.
Its secret? Captivating graphics developed by talented graphic designers and motion designers.
The web agency Moka Adv can create commercials, teasers, promos, infographics, social contents, animated posts, vector animations, video tutorials and product explanations. 

video marketing
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video marketing

Our motion graphic services:

Graphic design

An appealing graphic enables you to distinguish yourself from competitors. All the communication strategies revolve around graphic design: the website, social networks, posters and packaging. The graphic designer informs, persuades, stimulates, attracts attention and amuses through images. Communicating effectively is essential. 

Our graphic services:

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