Static showcase website

It is the business card of your business, which enables users to easily find the most relevant information about your company, such as telephone number, email, address and services and/or products offered.
It is an excellent tool to communicate the company’s history and catching the users’ attention through the technique of storytelling and emotional involvement. 

Sviluppo Siti Web e e-Commerce Catania
Sviluppo Siti Web e e-Commerce Catania

Dynamic showcase website

This website has the same features of a static showcase website, but it also contains a news section, a blog, articles or events that are frequently updated. This allows us to offer new content and increase visits.

Multilingual website

For those companies wishing to strengthen their identity abroad, a multilingual website allows them to reach the users in a specific language without using automatic translators, which are often counterproductive. A multi-language website is the right tool to have an edge on the competition. 

web agency moka adv
web agency moka adv

e-Commerce websites development

Entrust the web agency Moka Adv for the creation of e-commerce sites and over time you will appreciate its potential. With us you can expand your sales channels, promote your products on the web and express your full potential. The percentage of online purchases grows more every year and having e-commerce helps to increase the chances of selling. 

The characteristics of an e-commerce designed by the web agency Moka Adv

The web agency Moka Adv pays attention to every single detail for the realisation of your e-commerce: from the most advanced contact forms to the most used payment systems, from the choice of the keywords for the description of the products to the Search Engine Optimization of the website. Having an SEO optimised e-commerce platform is essential if you want that every single product is indexed and positioned within the SERP of search engines.
To increase your sales, we also handle the contents’ translation into different languages. Territorial boundaries are no longer a limit for the online sales!
If you don’t succeed in selling and you need the right boost to appear on search engines, the web agency Moka Adv can also manage your customised Google Ads campaigns. 

web agency moka adv

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