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It is a performance-based channel: the advertiser pays exclusively for the results generated by the affiliate programme based on the goals he/she sets. It consists of a commercial agreement between three parties: the advertiser or merchant who recognizes a commission to the publisher or affiliate, when an action is taken by a User such as the purchase of a product, a download, etc. The third subject, the affiliation platform, carries out the function of mediation among the first two by making its structure and knowledge available. Affiliate marketing is a new form of highly successful digital marketing.

In paid search engines, it is the fee you have to pay to get a certain positioning for a keyword.

The Bounce Rate indicates the percentage of people leaving a site without visiting other pages.

It means the level of consumer consciousness of a company.  It measures a potential customer’s ability to not only recognize a brand image, but to also associate it with a certain company’s product or service.

It is an element put in a web page to induce the visitor to perform a specific action such as buying, filling out a form, registering for a newsletter, downloading. When we talk about Call to Action, we invite Users to take action.

It is the transformation of the impressions into clicks. It is that parameter that allows to evaluate, in relation to the number of times a text message appears, a banner, video Ads etc., how many times this is clicked by Users.

When we talk about conversions, we talk about real results achieved through the internet. Conversion is the action (or result) performed by a User on a website, it can be for example a purchase, a request for information, a newsletter subscription, a site registration, a download of document, etc. The Conversion Rate is therefore a value to measure the success of an advertising campaign or the proper functioning of a website.

The cost per acquisition within an advertising campaign is a payment method based on the finalization or not of an action such as a purchase.

It is the cost that an advertiser needs to pay for every single click on an ad or on a link that requires a connection to the advertiser’s webpage.

The cost per lead is the cost paid by the advertiser for each lead generated, e.g. by filling out a form or by subscribing to a mailing list

It is the cost paid everytime you acquire a customer from ads.

Cost per view is when the advertiser pays for each unique viewer, who clicks on an ad or a website.

Crawling is referred to the activity of the spiders (or Crawlers or BOTs) of exploration, research and analysis of the contents of the web pages that will be indexed in the search results.

It consists of all those activities that promote a business, products and services using all the existing digital communication channels: for example marketing and communication models such as e-commerce, mobile marketing, social media marketing, etc.

It is that marketing strategy aimed at consolidating or expanding an online business. It is essential for those who need to be known and find new customers, to create value through innovation, understand the critical success factors of digital businesses and identify the channels through which contact the public they want to reach. A digital strategy helps to understand how to integrate the levers, digital and social media tools in order to maximize the results.

It is a marketing tool that uses formats such as banners, buttons, pop-ups to promote a product or service that are hosted in paid spaces on websites with content of User interest. Display campaigns are also ideal for Lead Generation activities.

It consists of the sale of products and services through the use of the Internet thanks to the support of a website.

E-mail marketing means the promotion of products and services through the e-mail channel with which it is possible to communicate with existing and potential customers. There are three types of mails used in e-mail marketing: DEM or Direct E-mail Marketing, Newsletter and Transactional e-mail.

It is the most used search engine in the world. It indexes the contents of the websites according to an algorithm based on those keywords searched by the Users.

It is a free tool offered by Google to improve the positioning and usability of one or more websites.

Hit indicates every single element that is downloaded from a web server and displayed on websites.

It is a server that hosts a web service to which Users can access via the internet.

The term indicates the number of times a User sees a web page or an online advertising.

It is a link received from other sites.

It is that online marketing technique that puts at its centre the creation of contents designed to meet the potential customers’ needs, with the aim of attracting qualified contacts, establishing a lasting relationship with them and positioning as a landmark for a precise slice of the market.

It is the process of making a website visible to search engines. Through the indexing a site is inserted in a search engine database thus appearing in the search pages following the queries of web Users.

Meaning the word, or words, that are entered into the query of a search engine to get the information you need.

They are key performance indicators used in web analytics to measure the performance of a site and establish the achievement of set goals.

Landing pages are pages intended to receive the User during his “landing” on a specific website after clicking on a link or a banner. They are pages that present a product or a service and that must stimulate the User to take an action.

The lead generation is that action aimed to find the interested customers, to acquire information related to potential qualified contacts, or prospects, which could generate conversions, or sales, in the medium or long term. Thanks to the contacts released, it is possible to build a database that will be used to generate a list of possible customers interested in the products or services offered by a company.

It is the activity aimed at creating links between certain pages inside and outside a website.

These are key phrases that contain more than 4 or 5 terms that have a very low competitiveness because they are searched with little frequency. If taken individually, these keywords generate little traffic on your site, but if they are added together, they generate high-quality traffic, giving you a higher chance of positioning yourself at the top of the SERP.

They are tags that describe, synthetically, the content of a page in order to better position it on a search engine.

It is that marketing activity oriented to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. Mobile marketing stems from the fact that the majority of internet accesses nowadays increasingly take place from mobile devices rather than from PCs.

The term optimisation includes all those interventions, which concern both the structure of the page or the site, and the contents, aimed at increasing traffic to that site and thus favouring a good organic positioning.

It is an outgoing link to external sites.

Google PageRank is a numeric value ranging from 0 to 10 and represents the degree of importance of a given page on the web. PageRank is important because it can influence the ranking in Google search results.

It is the activity of writing content for a website intended to increase the number of conversions thus increasing visitors’ interaction and encouraging them to perform the action for which the web product is intended (purchase, registration, request information).

Set of techniques and processes aimed to increase the visibility on search engines. It may include website optimization, increased online popularity, search engine indexing.

In search engine placement, it is the method by which an engine displays search results. The ranking is therefore the position that a search engine attributes to a site in the ranking.

It is the third website from which a User comes. We also talk about “referral” when a company’s customers recommend it to third parties for the quality and performance of their products or services.

Remarketing is a feature of some advertising campaigns (so called “display”), which allows you to reach an audience of people who have previously visited a site or a web page. In this case, the announcement for the site already visited is shown to these Users during their new visits to other websites. Usually it takes place using browser cookies.

These new sites are structured with fluid layouts that adapt to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops) with a single HTML code.

It is the acronym of Return On Investment. This indicator measures the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment cost on communication and website promotion.

It is the acronym of Search Engine Marketing and refers to the activity of promoting a site on search engines. It is a sort of optimization mechanism whose goal is to bring qualified traffic to the website or a landing page. This generates an increased visibility of a site and the quality of Users in order to increase the number of potential customers and therefore the ROI, return on investment. Some of the SEM tools are the DEM, i.e. the Direct Email Marketing; PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on the most popular search engines or social media.

It is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. This term indicates all the optimization actions of a site or a page so that it is well positioned in the organic results of the search engines, which include those results displayed below the sponsored ads. Thanks to this activity, an increase in the volume of qualified traffic that a website receives through search engines is registered. Some examples of this activity are optimization of the website structure and of the URLs, etc.


It is the statistical activity of measuring and analyzing the performance of a website; it lets you understand who is visiting or visited your website, when and for how long the navigation lasts, what is being searched, etc. The activity is carried out through programmes for tracking and processing visitors’ movements. The analysis of the User’s behaviour works through cookies, or text files that are stored on the visitor’s PC, smartphone or tablet when they load a web page.

It is the set of marketing strategies that aim to develop and promote an online company, service or product. Web marketing is based on strategies aimed at attracting pertinent traffic to visit the proposals and contents of a company website.

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