SEO web agency: what it does, why choose us

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If you are reading this article, you obviously know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and you are looking for an SEO web agency to help you with the ranking of your showcase or e-commerce website.

The good news is that you’ve jumped into the right place and you’ll soon find out what an SEO web agency like Moka Adv is really all about, what benefits it brings in terms of ranking, and why it can really help you in appearing at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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SEO indexing vs SEO ranking

Having an online domain is not enough to promote your business, you need to ensure that your website pages and blog content are well indexed on search engines or, better said, on Google.

The task of an SEO web agency, therefore, is precisely to facilitate the ranking process using appropriate tools and strategies. Attention! SEO indexing and SEO ranking are not synonymous:

What are the services offered by an SEO web agency?

An SEO web agency, such as Moka Adv, with its team of SEO consultants and SEO experts, offers a whole range of services to promote your online business and give you visibility. In more technical terms, an SEO web agency allows you to climb the SERP and appear on the first page when users search for a specific keyword and/or if they ask a specific query.

Why rely on an SEO web agency

The reason is quickly stated: an SEO web agency guarantees professionalism and knows what to do when it concerns “search engine optimization”. Not only that, it can help you improving the quantity and quality of your website traffic, which means a higher likelihood of conversion.

An SEO web agency offers measurable statistics, metrics and results. With detailed, but easily understandable reports, you will be able to understand your opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses.

SEO ranking factors

Keep in mind that there are over 200 factors that can influence your website’s ranking, some with greater weight, others less. Here are some of them:

Now, we could list more than 100 other ranking factors, but what really interests us is the ability of an SEO web agency to increase traffic to your website. How? In addition to the techniques already seen, an excellent strategy is link building, i.e. the construction of a network of internal and external links that helps to raise domain authority, one of the most important ranking factors.

SEO in time

Since, in time, Google modifies and improves its algorithm, a website cannot be left to itself; on the contrary, it needs continuous optimisation.

If we want our content to maintain its position in SERP or to acquire a better one, intervening with on-page SEO actions (creating new content, updating and optimising previous content) and off-page SEO actions (link building, social bookmarking) is a must.

Painstaking and constant work on one’s own content is the key to being first on Google, which every SEO web agency should be able to guarantee to its clients. Not following SEO best practices or, even worse, damaging one’s own site with black hat SEO practices is the mistake many SEO web agencies make.

Why choose Moka Adv SEO consultants

Because Moka Adv is much more than an SEO web agency. Besides dealing with Search Engine Optimisation thanks to our team of SEO experts, we offer countless other services such as:

We have more than 10 years of experience, dozens of international projects under our belt and a respectable client portfolio. We are based in Catania, but we work with the entirety all Italy and abroad.

If you want to create a website and get the best result on the search results page, contact us by calling us or filling in the contact form below. We will agree on customised services for you, we will personally take care of the growth of your brand awareness without relying on third parties (among SEO web agencies, it is common practice to subcontract our services), and we will provide you with our best tools, such as SEO Zoom or Screaming Frog.

Moka Adv SEO web agency: climb the SERP!

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