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The digital world is constantly evolving. Every day, many strides are made towards an increasingly technological and innovative world.

In this article, we will concentrate on Google Lens, the innovative assistant of Mountain View, which thanks to artificial intelligence is able to greatly simplify the everyday life of all of us.


How many times, every day, do we notice objects that attract our curiosity, but we don’t know where to buy them and the relative cost?

Google Lens is meant to answer these questions. Actually, the Mountain View app already existed, but in recent months, thanks to the investments made in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it has been totally rethought to offer a unique experience to the users.

Google Lens allows not only to recognize what is depicted in an image but also what is framed with the smartphones camera, in real time.

Google Lens can automatically detect artworks, barcodes, books, buildings and monuments, panoramas and places of interest, newspaper and magazine covers, music albums, movies, video games, etc., providing useful information on each object framed with the camera.

The Mountain View app is therefore able to recognize the objects that we frame with the camera using artificial intelligence to compare what the smartphone “sees” with the images stored in the Google servers.


During the Google I/O 2019 conference, Google developers announced all the news that will be introduced during this year:

  • Transcription of texts: framing any text with Google Lens, it will be automatically recognized, made selectable, copied elsewhere and freely modifiable;
  • Immediate feedback: just point the camera at the object of interest to get immediate feedback, without direct intervention by the user;
  • Integration with Google Maps: taking advantage of Google rich database and also interfacing with Maps, Lens is able to indicate which dishes of a restaurant have been most appreciated by consumers;
  • Purchases: Google Lens can also help users to identify clothes, objects, furnishing accessories and products similar to those framed. The search results are proposed in real time and offer a valid help to find similar objects;
  • Integration with virtual reality: just look for an object or an animal to instantly get a 3D reconstruction to appear, for example, on your desk, on the floor of the living room or of the office, in the garden, etc ...;
  • Integration with Google translator: possibility to translate what is displayed on documents and signboards from one language to another.

All the new features will be available on all the Android devices first, and will be gradually integrated into iOS devices by the end of the year.

Google Lens is an example of how existing technologies integrated with innovative ones can revolutionize people’s habits.

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