Progressive web apps or PWAs: what they are, why you should invest in them and how to develop them

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Progressive web apps (PWAs) represent a breakthrough in app development. They are advanced web applications that combine the user experience of native apps with the versatility and accessibility of the web, enabling users to enjoy high-performance content directly from their browser.

In the article, we will try to understand what PWAs are, what benefits they bring, how and who can develop them. Read on.

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What are PWAs?

Progressive web apps or PWAs use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web technologies to offer a user experience almost indistinguishable from that of native apps. With features such as offline access and push notifications, they are also very versatile.

In addition, the “service worker” technology allows the resources required for their operation to be cached, even when there is no connection to the Internet.

PWAs benefits

PWAs offer 4 benefits:

1. Simple setup

PWAs do not require a long and tedious installation process via the store. Users can add PWAs directly from the browser to the home screen.

2. Continuous updates

PWAs are continuously and automatically updated every time the user opens them.

3. High performance

Thanks to the caching work of the service workers, PWAs load quickly, even with slow or no Internet connections.

4. Smooth and responsive UX

PWAs offer a smooth and responsive interface on all devices.

Other advantages

Developers basically create a single application that works for all operating systems; this saves time and money.

Users also gain by enjoying a better UX, thanks to faster loading and the possibility of using offline PWAs.

Lastly, PWAs do not take up space in the device’s internal memory.

Developing a PWA: tools and best practices. Rely on Moka Adv

The web agency Moka Adv, active since 2008 and known for its volcanic creativity, is the ideal partner for the development of progressive web apps.

How to develop a PWA

First of all, data must be protected and, therefore, attention must be paid to security. We shall therefore use the latest HTTPS protocols. As far as cache and service worker management is concerned, however, there are several options:

Nothing prohibits us, then, from using Lighthouse, an auditing tool that allows us to test PWAs.

Let us now look at the 5 stages of developing a PWA:

1. Preliminary analysis

At Moka Adv, we work closely with customers to understand what features they would like for their PWA.

2. Simple and intuitive design

We design a user-friendly graphical user interface that improves engagement and enhances end-user satisfaction.

3. Optimised performance

We make sure that the PWA we develop is fast, reliable and cross-platform.

4. SEO friendly

Each of our PWAs is optimised for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation, SEO), such as Google or Bing; this ensures greater online visibility.

5. Guaranteed assistance

We offer a post-launch support service to ensure that the PWA maintains optimal performance over time.

The future of PWAs

A very promising future for progressive web apps is in sight. Thanks to the advent of 5G and the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, i.e. with the increase in connection speed, PWAs already offer top-level performance and functionality, becoming even more similar to native apps.

Moreover, PWAs, compared to their native counterparts, have the advantage of being lighter and taking up less space on the device.

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