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We hear more and more about marketing automation, but not everyone knows what it is and how it works. It’s not just a strategy or a technology, as the name might suggest, but rather a set of processes using software to help companies with their digital transformation and grow their business. In this JOurnal article we will explain what marketing automation is, how it works and the rules to follow to improve your communication strategy.

Table of contents

What is marketing automation?

Nowadays it is essential for companies to develop increasingly effective marketing strategies to become more competitive in the market. This can be achieved by marketing automation, which uses software to simplify, automate and improve a company’s marketing activities. Marketing automation is part of a process known as demand generation, which is the phase in which relationships with new potential customers are created and consolidated until their trust is earned. In the process of digitisation, personality and creativity are not neglected and, at the same time, useful data and metrics are provided to analyse the activities of companies. In this way, the right people are reached at the right time. To summarise, the main operations that can be carried out and integrated with each other through marketing automation are:

What to integrate in market automation

To summarize, the main operations that can be carried out and integrated with each other thanks to marketing automation are:

Marketing automation: how does it work

We have introduced the concept of marketing automation, but what does it really consist of? It is developed through two fundamental activities: automation and data measurement. These allow you to monitor the performance of your website, create landing pages or customised content, acquire new potential customers, carry out comprehensive reporting activities or assign scores to those entered in the database. Specifically, these two activities are:

What to know about implementing marketing automation

There are a few basic things you should always keep in mind before purchasing marketing automation software. Let’s see what they are:
Taking this into account will make it easier for companies to optimise their processes.


Marketing automation is a great opportunity for companies that want to keep up with the times, improve their business and retain their customers. Nowadays, it is of paramount importance to take advantage of every digital tool to continually increase one’s competitive edge, which is why marketing automation should not be overlooked.
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