The project

European project winner of an Internal Security Fund – Police call, its scope is to counter prejudices and messages of hatred and radicalisation on social media.

videos in 7 languages on cognitive biases that can lead to radicalisation

Visual identity of

multilingual publications

Development of the visual identity for a campaign with

reached throughout Europe
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We designed the graphic mockup of the project website, also dealing with UX design and UX copywriting. After a thorough study on the target audience and on the objective of the communication campaign, we created a responsive and multilingual website in WordPress.

Logo and visual identity

For this project we have created a visual identity that reflects the objective of the project, creating an appealing brand, leaflets, letterheads and various types of layout useful for communication on different channels.

SEO/SEM and metrics

We dealt with the optimisation of the website for search engines, both in the production of texts according to SEO copywriting, and in the SEO optimisation of other types of web content. We managed the monitoring of the metrics and analytics of the various KPIs of the online communication campaign.

Social ads and search advertising

Press releases

Within a broader communication and marketing strategy, we managed the editing and publication of official and multilingual press releases, both for online and offline channels, in order to promote and spread knowledge of the project both among the target groups and among a wider audience at European level.

Video Marketing

We designed and created 10 emotional video montages using the technique of motion graphics and counter-narration to dissuade young people from spreading violent content on social media.

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