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Corporate website: if it is not eye-catching, it is better not to have it

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Are we really sure that a corporate website is necessary in the age of social networking sites (SNS)? As an analysis by We Are Social reports, 2.5 billion people in the world are online and in Italy 73% of the population (about 43 million) has an Internet connection. While it is true that most Internet users spend their time on SNS (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.), this does not mean that having a corporate website is an unpopular choice.

Web surfers use social networking sites to search for information on companies they are interested in and, so it is natural that in addition to pages, they also expect to find a well-made corporate website. On the other hand, if it is not eye-catching, it is better not to have it.

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The importance of SEO beyond social

We have said that social is important, but never as important as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or “optimising content for search engines”. SEO is nothing other than the set of techniques and strategies useful for positioning a site among the organic results, i.e. not paid results; it works by analysis (for SEO specialists) and research (for users) of keywords linked to a search intent, an indicator of users’ intentions, in simple words the reason why someone performs a search.

So-called “queries”, i.e. queries to the search engine, according to Google are approximately 3.5 billion every day. It is easy to understand, therefore, how important it is to perform good SEO for corporate websites, but above all to create good sites.

7 reasons why having a good corporate website is a must

1. It breaks down space-time boundaries

A website, in general, allows you to be found by customers without time and space limitations. With a domain, anyone anywhere in the world at any time can find you and acquire information about you.

2. It reinforces the brand identity

The main reason why a company decides to “go online” is to make its vision and mission known, in true brand identity. Brand identity is the way a company presents itself to consumers through its name, graphics, know-how, advertising and stakeholder relations. In other words, it is the result of numerous elements that serve to represent what the company is or aspires to be.

3. It creates synergies and links

Through the “contacts” page or a contact form it is possible to acquire leads, i.e. potential customers, but also partners or new resources for the company. This makes everything more “dynamic” and encourages interactions.

4. It is a good business card

Website is synonymous with business card. Dozens of questions appear in the mind of the average consumer, the most frequently asked being: can I trust them? Are they trying to swindle me? Does this company really exist? A good corporate website gives answers and reinforces credibility.

5. It can be an e-commerce

Have you ever thought about selling online? E-commerce is the perfect solution, besides being the business of the future. According to research conducted by The European House – Ambrosetti, there is an increase in revenues of EUR 3.5 billion per year in Italy. That is why it is essential to invest in the digital transformation of companies and e-commerce.

6. It allows you to keep up with the times

Without a good corporate website, customers might think your company is not “modern” or up to date enough. In fact, as a matter of fact, 92 per cent of consumers all over the world say they have more trust in companies with a good online presence.

7. It is a way to challenge competitors

A well-designed corporate website represents an opportunity with multiple benefits:

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