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Effective Video Marketing Campaigns

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Today we will see what it is necessary to create an effective video marketing campaign and we will also see some examples of very successful campaigns, from which you can draw inspiration to build your strategy.

But before moving on to the examples, let’s see how to implement a video marketing strategy and why it is important to do so.

First of all, to produce a good video, you need to have in mind the message you want to convey and develop creative ideas to send this message in the most captivating way possible. It is important to stand out, because the classic corporate videos are no longer trendy. But be careful not to overdo it. It is always important to maintain your corporate identity, without distorting it too much, the attempt to appear what you are not could lead you to a great failure at the end.

Every action, whether it is publishing videos, posting blog articles, whether it is email marketing or Facebook / Google Ads, everything must have a specific purpose and be part of the sales funnel. The goal of any marketing strategy is to drive traffic to the website, bring customers closer and persuade them to purchase a product or service.

More and more companies are deciding to integrate videos into their communication strategies.

E-Marketer society, a market research firm that provides insights and trends relating to web marketing, social media and commerce, carried out a study showing that, in America, investments in video marketing strategy increase every year. This study also shows the increasing attention paid to mobile devices, which are ever-more used by users.

It is now well-known that communication occurs mainly through images. The visual component has acquired a great importance and this led entrepreneurs to rely on web agencies to develop a video marketing strategy. However, the effectiveness of a video is not so easy to achieve and for this reason it must not be taken for granted.

Several factors must coexist for a video to go viral: the video must be of quality, it must have a plot and it must convey emotions. Compared to an article or a simple brochure, a video allows you to present a product clearly and quickly, showing the possible uses of the product and illustrating its characteristics more effectively. Obviously, the video marketing campaign depends on the type of clients. Let’s see some examples of effective video campaigns.


The ability of a brand to implement a video content strategy is not just about the purely commercial aspect of the product. The product can be put in the background and become an instrument in favour of a cause worthy of attention. Coca Cola is very good at this. Bringing relevant issues for the community into your communication and marketing strategy is very important because it shows a sensitive brand and a constant commitment to carry out ethical and moral values.


In 2014, Coca Cola launched a marketing campaign for the thousands of workers in South Asia, who leave their families every day to go to Dubai for work, hoping for a better future for their family. For that campaign, Coca Cola transformed the caps of its bottles into currency. Each cap allowed workers to hear loved ones by phone, thanks to the special phone booth created by the brand. In this way, each worker was able to make a free call that would normally have paid $ 0.91 per minute. A nice initiative, considering that the cost of a daily phone call weighs heavily on workers, being paid only $ 6 a day.


In 2017, Coca Cola Great Britain created a recycling-focused advertisement called “Love Story”. The ad, which included a location entirely made of recyclable material, represented two plastic bottles that fell in love over and over again, all thanks to the magic of recycling. On the occasion of that campaign, Coca Cola announced its intention to collect and recycle the equivalent of all its packaging by 2030.


The society Subito stands out in Italy for its genius and irony. Examples are its “Pimp my” campaigns or the one launched in 2018, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, entitled “Santa Claus, wake up!”.

This campaign, without dismantling the myth of Santa’s existence, makes fun of the fact that we don’t always find under the tree the gifts we hope. As often said in Italy, “who does it himself, does it for three“(in Italian “chi fa da sè, fa per tre”) and therefore it might be worth opting directly for self-gifts, thanks to! The skill of this brand consists in creating suspense, in implementing the storytelling technique and then ending up highlighting the convenience of its service.


Designing a video campaign can’t leave anything to chance. With the “Pimp my …” campaigns, Subito Italia demonstrates its ability to do the detail work.

There are those who called these campaigns “a nonsense that makes sense”! An English humor, a documentary start, with a full-bodied speaker who amplifies the comedy of the advertising text.

Thanks to this series of campaigns Subito Italia won the gold ADCI Awards – Art Directors Club Italiano – in 2016 for the category Cyber 1.


A classic but effective campaign that gives voice to the customers of the brand. This is the case of the “Flavia, the lightness of the superfluous” campaign by Subito Italia. Flavia is a 29-year-old employee and recently lives alone. For her, buying and selling on Subito means having more with joy, without too many expenses or sacrifices… with an eye to the “green”. A simple campaign, not as impactful as the previous one, but certainly close to the needs of those who want to approach the world of online sales of used things.

In fact, it is known that self-referencing video campaigns are not very successful because a user, who does not know a brand and has never purchased one of his products or services, will always look for reviews from other users before purchasing.


Thanks to an increasing number of emerging channels, contact points, information and new technologies for brands, nowadays there are many possibilities to create excellent digital marketing campaigns.

The leitmotif is to improve brand recognition by using different digital channels, with a common goal: the increase of traffic to the website and standing out from the competition.

There are four strategies to make a video able to drive potential customers to visit your website:

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