LinkedIn Stories: how to follow the trend of the moment

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The LinkedIn Stories have recently been launched in Italy and are available only on the most updated mobile version of the social network dedicated to professionals and the world of work.

This new feature opens up many possibilities for both businesses and professionals.

Which are the characteristics of the LinkedIn Stories? And how can you use them to launch your business?

Let’s find this out.

How to share LinkedIn Stories

Before discovering the potential of Stories, some considerations must be taken into account. First of all, Stories can be shared from both personal and company pages and are available in every country, excluding China.

Stories are displayed at the top of the page and can be used to share photos and 20-second-long videos, upon which it is possible to add stickers, mentions, and textual content. Moreover, thanks to the “Question of the Day” feature it will be possible to answer the questions proposed by LinkedIn and create different content every day.

As with other social platforms, Stories remain online for 24 hours and can be viewed by first-degree connections or followers. Those who view them can forward them to their contacts, depending on the privacy settings chosen by those who share the Stories.

Once you’ve published your story, you’ll have access to a range of related information, such as the number of viewers and the list of connections that viewed the content. From the list, it is also possible to see more information about their job position as well.

Unlike the stories of other social networks, it should be emphasized that LinkedIn does not offer a preview of the content of the story and simply shows the profile picture that – needless to say – must be able to attract the attention of one’s own followers and connections.

In addition, if the behavior of users turns out to be similar to that held on other platforms, where it is estimated that on average about 50% of the story is seen if the content is a video, it becomes essential to attract the attention of the audience from the beginning, in order to prevent the user from swiping to the next Stories. Moreover, at the end of the Stories it is recommended to insert a clear call to action for those who have looked till the end.

Why you should use the LinkedIn Stories for your business

As explained, LinkedIn Stories are very simple to share and can be used for different purposes. Given their temporary nature, LinkedIn Stories provide the perfect space to share the more “informal” side of the working life, an important aspect for all those professionals who want to share contents that are less formal, but still closely related to the world that revolves around work.

LinkedIn Stories are also a useful tool for companies that want to show their full potential. They can be used in order to:

Social media marketing is constantly evolving and the LinkedIn Stories will certainly also undergo changes over time: more features will most likely be added in the future in order to facilitate interactions. We look forward to further developments. 

In a similar context, keeping up to date is essential to stay on the crest of the wave and to optimize your online presence.

That’s why it’s important to rely on a web agency that can help you express the value of your business on the web as well.

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