Motion Graphics: the winning technique for your video marketing strategy

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Drawing the attention toward your business is one of the biggest challenges in the digital world. Is there a way to emerge among the large number of contents, websites and pages available on the web? The answer is yes. How? Through motion graphics.

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What is motion graphic?

Motion graphics is the animation technique that adds the movement to graphic design. The “motion” is the element that gives the “vital breath” to images, symbols and texts that would otherwise be static. This process creates the illusion of movement. The start date of this technique could be detected in the 1950s, when artists and designers were trying out new ways to present the opening titles of movies. One of the most famous examples of those years is the hypnotic opening theme of Vertigo (1958), Alfred Hitchcock’s cult movie, animated by the brilliant animator John Whitney. Nowadays, this technique that allows to animate graphic projects is a powerful means available to all those who want to create video marketing content (and more). A successful digital promotion strategy, in fact, can’t exist without video marketing, which consists in the creation of contents that are able to entertain, educate, intrigue, excite and inspire.

Why do people prefer video?

Video turns out to be the type of content preferred by users, and this trend is destined to grow. According to Cisco’s forecast, by 2021 the 82% of internet traffic will be based on video content consumption and by 2023 the 71% of the population will be connected to a smartphone. Recently, content video is king. With the arrival of new social media platforms that focus on the creation of videos (for example, TikTok), you need to keep up with new trends and find creative ways to emerge among the crowd of user generated content. The effectiveness of a video marketing strategy is also demonstrated by the psychological effects that videos can have on the user. According to Hubspot, the attractiveness of video content is 3 times stronger than simple texts, which are processed 60,000 times slower by the brain than visual content.
Videos have a higher retention rate than other types of content.This means that your message is much more likely to be remembered than a text or a simple image thanks to the video’s multimediality, which combines the potential of words, sounds, and images. Now you’re probably wondering: why is motion graphic so important for my business, and which is the value it adds to content?

How to develop a marketing strategy with motion graphic

Whether you have a story to tell, technical instructions to illustrate, a unique product to sell, a complex mechanism to explain in a simple way or a lesson to teach, the motion graphic technique is one of the most effective, engaging and interesting at your disposal. Motion graphic videos are:
Motion graphic allows to create any kind of content with no limits, unlike what happens with live-action video content that needs additional elements such as actors, locations or special effects. At this point, another question naturally arises.

Which is the difference between “traditional” animation and motion graphic?

Motion graphic is a very versatile technique that fits to any kind of storytelling. Unlike the “traditional” animation, where the illustration has to be created from scratch and then animated, with motion graphics the process to animate becomes relatively faster, because programs allow to animate the illustrations in a simpler way. That’s why motion graphic is a true art, which allows to create engaging and persuasive multimedia content. In a short time, text, images, animations and sounds create a synergy and amplify the message you want to convey, multiplying its power and effectiveness. To create such complex multimedia content, there are several factors to take into account for it to be persuasive and to hit the right levers in the person who is watching. A well-designed motion graphic video needs to have:
The synergy among the various elements is fundamental and allows to convey the message immediately through persuasive, short and engaging content.

Moka Adv's experience in Motion Graphic

The multimedia elements have to interact with each other smoothly to be engaging. To make this happen all it needs is a good portion of creativity, but also professionality, technical skills and experience. At Moka Adv, we have learned over the years to master the tools of the trade and to adapt to the technological evolutions of our field. To realize our project, we use professional software such as: After Effects, Premiere, FL Studio, Audition, Animate, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D e Maya. Watch out the motion graphic video that we have realized for the European project “Prevent4Work”, made in collaboration with VITECO.

Now it’s your turn!

Here’s a short summary to conclude:
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