Web Agency Challenges in 2021

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2020 forced us to change course and to increasingly approach the reality online to make us heard and visible to clients. This is the time to think seriously about digital transformation, not only with regard to the operation of human resources, such as the need to work in smart working, but also for all the other activities of the company, including business promotion. Those who do digital marketing successfully, know well the importance of adapting to changes and also for the 2021 new scenarios and trends are expected, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though during 2020 we have seen a positive trend in the role played by web agencies, what challenges can we expect in 2021?


Digital marketing is constantly evolving and this makes it difficult to predict the changes that will affect this sector in the coming year. But, the latest data on the world of digital marketing and the effects of lockdown show how already from 2021 we will see a consolidation of inbound marketing, that strategy behind digital communication focused on the possibility of increasing the ability to be identified by potential customers through the web. This has led not only large businesses, but also many SMEs, to project themselves into the digital world and to give themselves a face on the web, promoting their services and products through personalized websites and e-commerce. The difficulty, however, lies not so much in the creation of a website, but in the professional and strategic management of its online presence, which requires the help of web agencies specialized in web marketing in order to achieve satisfactory results. An important factor to watch out for is to make sure that the web agency you rely on takes care of the SEO side and the placement of your site in search engine SERPs.


For businesses, digitalisation is no longer an optional issue but a strategic one. In fact, from the latest data provided by the e-Commerce Observatory, online purchases grow for information technology up to +20%, for clothing up to +22%, up to +18% for publishing and up to +37% for beauty and pharma products. Another sector for which net growth is expected in 2021 is food and grocery, which exceeds 70% of online purchases in 2019.

Given the strong growth of agencies specializing in website creation and e-commerce, competitiveness between the different agencies is at the forefront of the 2021 challenges, requiring the effort of the agencies to show their competitive advantage to ensure that they are chosen.

In making people understand the importance of accurately positioning themselves on the web, another of the challenges faced by web agencies is the aim to improve businesses online positioning. In addition, it is important to focus on trends that are able to capture the customer attention. Among the most important we find:


The need to improve our online presence is also linked to the need to take care of our own social profiles in the best way and, again, the challenges and trends that each web agency will have to face in the near future have been dictated, in part, by the pandemic. A research conducted by We Are Social has in fact shown that the lockdown has helped changing our relationship with social media, from the way we use them to the role they play within our lives. The role of social media has changed so much that there has been talk of Social Reset. What does this paradigm shift foresee in detail?

The research has identified 6 trends that each web agency will have to take into account to review its social strategies in the near future:

To conclude, it is important to reiterate that, although the world of digital transformation is constantly evolving and difficult to predict, digitalization provides many opportunities for all those who want to emerge. In this constantly changing context, it is important to rely on specialists and web agencies such as Moka Adv, which can be a point of reference for all those who want to optimize their online presence in a winning perspective.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for online visibility and lead generation, Moka Adv could be the solution for you.